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The top PPC mistakes

The top PPC mistakes that your business should never make!

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an area of business marketing that seems to be rapidly evolving. There are frequent updates and features that promise to give us everything we need to make our business a success. However, as great as it is to have advanced marketing tools with lots of new features at your fingertips, you can never use them to their full potential if you can’t get to grips with the basics. This is more important than ever [...]

Top 10 mistakes you should avoid on social media

Top 10 mistakes you should avoid on social media

Social media gives any business the opportunity to interact with customers, promote products and increase audience engagement. But it only takes one hasty status update or an ill-advised image to tarnish your brand’s reputation online. Therefore, make sure you never make the following mistakes on your preferred networks or you could be facing a social media backlash. 1. Posting in a hurry and not thinking twice Time is of the essence on social media and if you don’t post an important update [...]