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Vurb now Usurps Google with New Funding

For many years now, the search engine world has been a bit of a closed ‘one stop’ shop. Outside of the dominant Google, very few people will actually go anywhere else. Unless you personally have strong moral issues with Google or have been trying to avoid the “in” things to use online, you will no doubt use Google to search online. However, Google might actually get a little competition in the future, in the form of the new upstart [...]

DIY SEO? Be careful

DIY SEO? Be careful

The most sought-after prize for search engine optimisation is to get into the number one position of the Google search results for a given search term but businesses still need to be aware that their plan could have unintended consequences. Here we will highlight the problems that could happen should a business carry out its own SEO, there are  potential downsides; by using bad links a company website could suffer serious damage including a Google ‘Manual Penalty’ which would potentially [...]