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Google Attribution

What you need to know about Google Attribution

Of all the announcements that were revealed during Google Marketing Next in San Francisco at the end of May, the release of Google Attribution was perhaps the most significant. This free-of-charge solution gives users the ability to collect and collate data from Analytics, AdWords, and DoubleClick Search to give a  more holistic view of conversion actions across various channels and devices for better attribution modelling and bidding information. Here is everything you need to know about what Google Attribution does and [...]

Google search

The biggest Google search algorithm updates of 2016

2017 had barely begun before Google revealed its plan to start issuing penalties to mobile pages that featured “intrusive” interstitials was fully operational. However, it was last year’s algorithm updates that gave the most significant indications as to where the world of SEO could be heading. And because search engines are known for slow and incremental implementation, marketers won’t know how their techniques and tactics will be affected until now. So, here’s our expert SEO run down of Google’s biggest [...]

Google SERPs

How to stand out in Google SERPs

Ever since Google decided to get rid of right hand side ads, the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) has become more competitive. Not much of a big deal for those running PPC campaigns, but if not you need to work even harder to rank organically. And even if you do manage to squeeze yourself between the top and bottom ads, you will still need to grab the audience’s attention in order to attract a click. When all links look exactly [...]

The top PPC mistakes

The top PPC mistakes that your business should never make!

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an area of business marketing that seems to be rapidly evolving. There are frequent updates and features that promise to give us everything we need to make our business a success. However, as great as it is to have advanced marketing tools with lots of new features at your fingertips, you can never use them to their full potential if you can’t get to grips with the basics. This is more important than ever [...]

Google Performance Summit

All the AdWords and Analytics announcements at Google Performance Summit

On 24th May 2016, the annual Google Performance Summit took place, which revealed the AdWords and Analytics product roadmap for the coming year. As many expected, a number of changes relating to ad formats and bidding options were introduced, due in large part to the meteoric rise of mobile. What’s more, Google also went into detail about the sheer size and scale of search, which is evolving at an astonishing rate. But because so many subjects were covered at the [...]

Increase the effectiveness of your negative keywords

Increase the effectiveness of your negative keywords

Comprehensive and exhaustive keyword research is crucial if you want your PPC campaign to succeed. But this doesn’t just include the terms and phrases your target market is searching for, it also includes negative keywords that require exclusion from results. In many respects, negative keywords are just as important as regular ones, but often don’t get as much attention as they should. However, if you spend a bit of time working with negative keywords, PPC performance is bound to improve. (Almost) [...]

How to write a PPC ad that works

Essential steps and solutions for a successful PPC audit

Every now and again, it will be necessary to take a step back from your paid search marketing efforts in order to carry out a PPC audit. Even if you’ve carefully planned out a coherent campaign, optimised it according to best practices and even started to see positive results, there is a strong chance certain aspects can still be further improved upon. What’s more, being so heavily involved in an account or campaign often means that you’ll have overlooked and [...]

How to write a PPC ad that works

How to write a PPC ad that works

Most advertisers planning to use pay per click advertising such as Google AdWords need to do much more than simply spend money on an advert if they expect it to be placed on the first page of Google’s search results and be instantly effective. They must also focus on creating a PPC ad that is effective when it is seen by a potential customer. The most obvious solution for this quandary would be to use a PPC specialist, utilising their [...]

Beginners Guide to successful SEO and PPC campaigns

Beginners Guide to successful SEO and PPC campaigns

How a company sees itself on the Internet rather than how their potential customers see them is one of the biggest hurdles in explaining how the effective use of SEO or PPC campaigns can impact on any business. Practically speaking this means, in effect, that the actual search terms being used by potential customers whilst searching online are very different from the search terms that the business itself believes people are searching for. This is often a source of conflict [...]