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How to guide - SEO your site!

How to guide – SEO your site!

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) may appear, at first glance, to be a fairly straightforward process for a business to implement in its own right. Googles objective as a search engine is simple. Essentially, the search engines are trying to deliver the best pages with which to best answer the users search query; these pages should be not only relevant to the user but also authoritative. A search engine such as Google will measure a webpage’s relevance by analysing the page content [...]

Beginners Guide to successful SEO and PPC campaigns

Beginners Guide to successful SEO and PPC campaigns

How a company sees itself on the Internet rather than how their potential customers see them is one of the biggest hurdles in explaining how the effective use of SEO or PPC campaigns can impact on any business. Practically speaking this means, in effect, that the actual search terms being used by potential customers whilst searching online are very different from the search terms that the business itself believes people are searching for. This is often a source of conflict [...]