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Our services include: Web Design, SEO, PPC, Digital PR & Social Media

Our Marketing offering

We pride ourselves on delivering a full range of digital marketing services, allowing us to help your business move ahead of the competition.

Our goal orientated, flexible and bespoke digital marketing strategies are perfect for businesses of all sizes, from startups to multi national global organisations. We can use our expertise to help your business grow.

Our team of dedicated digital marketing consultants are both experienced and equipped and can help with any digital marketing challenge with confidence.

We will take the time to understand your business to ensure you receive the results or return on investment you are looking for.

Whether it’s SEO, paid search, social media, digital PR, web design and development or content marketing, our team will deliver high quality digital marketing campaigns in the UK, Europe and across the globe.

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(SEO) Search Engine Optimisation

With 93 per cent of online experiences beginning with a search engine, this is an aspect of digital marketing we take very seriously. Through effective web design and first-class content, we will ensure no effort is spared in getting our clients to the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

How many times have you been on a search engine and looked past the first page of results? Well according to research, it is less than five per cent of us. But with the help of our team, your business can identify the most relevant keywords, implement state of the art SEO processes and reap the rewards of high-ranking riches for your business.

We provide high quality, ethical SEO services that will help your business get noticed. What’s more, every SEO campaign we create is bespoke, ensuring your business gets the results it is looking for.

Our in-depth knowledge of SEO can help you catch the eye of your customers on search engines and convince them to click your link. With a team of SEO specialists, we know what it takes to achieve a high ranking and are constantly tracking the latest trends to make sure your website stays on the first page of results.

PPC Management, Paid Search

Through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, SEO and Web Designs is able to identify your chosen customers or clients with highly relevant keywords and phrases. Results are measured and targeted while traffic is converted at the best price.

While some businesses prefer to click on organic results (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising remains one of the best ways to achieve immediate high search engine visibility and more associated website traffic. Not only can we help conjure up a coherent campaign, we will also measure, monitor and manage its outcomes all along the way to ensure your maximum ROI.

We support our clients with the management of paid search, we provide bespoke services that will help your business be seen online and in turn will increase visits to your website.

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Social Media Management

We deliver a range of social media management solutions that will suit both small and medium sized businesses.

We’re able to help your business join the social revolution and make an impact. If you’re already on social media, we can help you improve your current strategy to ensure you’re generating a positive ROI.

Billions of potential customers and clients could be introduced to your business through our social media optimisation management, as networks like Facebook and Twitter now reach one in four people around the world.

What used to be a marketing afterthought is now of prime concern for an abundance of organisations. Even though the most popular networks used to be simple social spheres, they are now prominent ports of call for many to discover breaking news, trending topics and product information.

Therefore, you can ill afford to ignore the changing face of social media.

Digital PR

We can help your business devise a digital public relations campaign that works alongside your current digital marketing activities. Getting your brand seen online will allow you to receive the results you are searching for.

With a highly influential online world in front of you, the need for a strong, prominent and trustworthy brand identity is imperative. But our marketing expertise can guarantee that everybody will recognise and appreciate your brand.

Before any customer or potential client makes a decision online, they need to have confidence in the company and belief in the product or services on offer. If you’ve paid no attention to your brand’s online identity, image or reputation, conversions will be more difficult to achieve than they should be.

Regardless of size, shape or sector, we know success can be delivered. So rather than standing still in today’s ever-changing online world, get in touch with us and start moving forward. Today, standing out from the crowd and gaining a competitive edge over rivals is crucial, especially online.

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Web Design & Development

We’re able to tackle any website design and development challenge you have with confidence. Our professional consultants will design a creative and easy to use site that will ensure your business gets noticed.

Your website needs to be functional and effective yet appealing and attractive to catch the eye.

Our devoted developers are able to build customisable pages and mobile optimised sites with a great deal of professionalism and proficiency. Browsing trends are bound to change in the future, but we strive to create, implement and deliver solutions that take these factors into account.

Understanding the latest trends while staying ahead of the curve is a difficult balancing act, but SEO and Web Designs have the necessary people and proficiency to realise this fundamentally important aspiration.

Our skills for SEO are also carried through to the development process of your website to ensure your on-site optimisation are in place for your future marketing campaigns.

Content Creation

Our team of content connoisseurs will work their wizardry with words to maintain attention and encourage action.

Whether you require absorbing and beguiling copy or informative and useful content, we have the answer. An increasing amount of emphasis is nowadays being placed on the importance of top quality website content that serves a tangible purpose and provides something of real value to the reader.

We are experts in creating outstanding content, which delivers search engine and social media supremacy, which is second to none.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

We know the difficult online journey towards ongoing online prosperity takes a lot of time and effort. However, this is what we love doing. Our passionate team of web wizards, social specialists and content connoisseurs will not be beaten in their quest to deliver marketing mastery.

Only first-class copy will suffice! our unrivaled digital marketing knowledge allows us to create engaging content that will help influence customer behaviour without the customer suspecting.

We can help advise and assist any business with our comprehensive marketing footprint.

Branding and Graphic Design

Even though our web design prowess will attract and engage in equal measure, we can make your business even more appealing and marketable with better branding.

Regardless of whether you need a new formal logo or stationary products for publicity purposes, SEO and Web Designs can give your business a noticeable and noteworthy identity.

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Hosting Services

There is little to no point in having a website if visitors are greeted with slow page loading times or even complete unavailability.

Consequently this is why SEO and Web Designs also has a hosting service to support the carefully crafted websites we create.

As a result you won’t have to worry about letting your existing clientele down or missing out on lucrative new business, as speed and reliability are given the utmost importance.

We always put you, the client, first in everything that we do online. We drive businesses to the next level with our innovative marketing campaigns.

Get in touch today for a free marketing health check, our friendly team of experts are looking forward to hearing from you. Call 01245 333400.

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